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ETF Spotlight

Feb 20, 2024

Should you combine the growth potential of Mag 7 with the stability of dividend growers?

(1:00) - How Long Will The Magnificent 7 Stay On Top?
(5:10) - Breaking Down The Earnings Reports For The Magnificent 7
(8:00) - Roundhill Magnificent Seven ETF: MAGS
(13:25) - Will Dividend Investing Make A Comeback In...

Feb 12, 2024

Where can investors find attractive opportunities within the fixed income market?

(1:00) - What Should Investors Know About BondBloxx?
(5:15) - What Is Driving The Growth In Fixed Income Investing Right Now?
(10:15) - What Are The Advantages of Investing In Bond ETFs?
(14:00) - How Many Rate Cuts Should Investor Expect...

Feb 5, 2024

India is emerging as a clear beneficiary of China's economic crisis

(1:15) - Will India Be The Investment Destination For 2024?
(6:05) - The Digitization of India: What Should Investors Be Looking For?
(17:55) - India Internet & Ecommerce ETF: INQQ
(29:15) - Will We See The Negative Sentiment Change For...