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ETF Spotlight

May 29, 2018

In this podcast, we highlighted the ETFs targeting two very hot investing trends—blockchain and online retail.  (BLOK, IBUY, AMZN)

(0:30) - Why You Should Be Investing In The Blockchain Technology

(4:05) - Overview of BLOK: Actively Managed ETF

(8:15) - How Does BLOK Manage Risk?

(10:20) - Online Retail Growth...

May 11, 2018

Learn more about the world's first AI Powered ETF and  a leading white label issuer behind many innovative ETFs.

(0:30) - Investment Process of EquBot: AIEQ

(3:45) - Data Analysis: How Does It Determine Relevancy?

(5:30) - Why Being Actively Managed Is Important

(7:10) - AIEQ Performance and  ETF Managers Role


May 3, 2018

This ETF provides exposure to Israel’s booming economy and its innovative tech sector. (ITEQ, DOX, CHKP, NICE, CYBR)

(1:00) - How Did Israel Become A High Tech Hub?

(3:00) - Risk Exposure In Israel

(5:20) - BlueStar Israel Technology ETF Overview: ITEQ

(9:30) - Why Should You Be Looking Past Silicon Valley