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ETF Spotlight

Aug 26, 2019

Solar and clean energy ETFs are among the top performing ETFs this year. We discuss why and what lies ahead.

(1:00) - Invesco’s Solar and Clean Energy ETFs outperformance: TAN & PBW

(6:15) - How Much Do Oil Prices Impact Solar and Clean Energy?

(10:35) - What Does Investor Interest for ESG ETFs Mean For TAN &...

Aug 19, 2019

(1:20) - Should Investors Consider Investing In China?
(4:45) - China A Shares ETFs Outperformance
(8:00) - Breaking Down China’s Different Share Classes
(16:30) - Overview of DWS Investment Management's Suite of China ETFs
(23:15) - What To Expect From DWS In The Future
(28:05) - Episode Roundup:

Aug 12, 2019

CNBC’s cannabis expert Tim Seymour explains why he launched his own Cannabis ETF.

 (0:50) - Why Should Investors Consider Investing In The Cannabis Industry?
(7:00) - Tim Seymour’s Background In The Cannabis Market
(14:15) - What Is The Growth Potential and What Will Drive It?
(20:45) - Medical vs Recreational: What...

Aug 6, 2019

Learn more about the outlook for gold ETFs and the world’s biggest gold coin produced by the Perth Mint.

(1:00) - Biggest Gold Coin In The World: Moving and Insuring the Coin

(5:45) - The Perth Mint: The Australian Gold Mining Industry

(7:20) - What Can We Expect From Gold Prices Moving Forward?

(10:00) - Perth...