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ETF Spotlight

May 25, 2023

Bonds are back. Here's what you should know.

(1:00) - Is Now A Good Time For Bonds?
(6:20) - Portfolio Positioning: What Should Investors Expect From The Federal Reserve?
(10:50) - Should You Continue To Protect Yourself From Inflation?
(13:30) - BlackRock Flexible Income ETF: BINC
(15:50) - Episode Roundup: STIP &...

May 18, 2023

Is the worst over for the global shipping industry?

(1:00) - Breaking Down The Shipping Industry: Whats Going On Right Now?
(9:30) - Russian Oil Sanctions: What Impact Does This Have On The Shipping Industry?
(15:15) - The Decarbonization of Shipping: The Fuel of The Future
(18:45) - What Can Investor Expect For The...

May 4, 2023

Housing stocks are still cheap despite recent rebound. Is it a good time to invest?

(0:30) - Is The Housing Market Set To Repeat 2008?
(4:15) - What Is The Current Outlook For The Spring Housing Market?
(9:30) - What Home Builder Is Setup For The Biggest Growth?
(16:40) - Is Commercial Real Estate In Big...