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ETF Spotlight

Apr 22, 2024

We discuss factors driving Japanese stocks higher.

(1:15) - Japanese Stock Market Rally: The Psychological Effect 
(8:05) - What Impact Did Corporate Governance And Foreign Investors Have On The Japanese Stock Market Rally?
(15:15) - Will This Rally Continue and For How Long?
(18:00) - What Are The Current Risks for The...

May 25, 2023

Bonds are back. Here's what you should know.

(1:00) - Is Now A Good Time For Bonds?
(6:20) - Portfolio Positioning: What Should Investors Expect From The Federal Reserve?
(10:50) - Should You Continue To Protect Yourself From Inflation?
(13:30) - BlackRock Flexible Income ETF: BINC
(15:50) - Episode Roundup: STIP &...

Apr 15, 2019

Robotics, AI and automation are transforming our lives. Here's what investors need to know.

(1:15) - Will We Continue To See The Use of Robots Increase and How?
(4:35) - When Could We Expect Self Driving Cars?
(8:45) - The Future Potential For Healthcare Robotics
(12:15) - What Sectors Will Benefit From...

Mar 27, 2019

Many high profile tech start-ups are racing to IPO in 2019. Are they too expensive or reasonably priced?

(2:15) - Breaking Down Lyft's Current Valuation

(5:30) - Will Lyft Set The Bar For Uber’s IPO Valuation 

(9:10) - Overview of Pintrest IPO 

(12:15) - Slack Valuation Going Into IPO

(16:20) - Is There Still Growth...

Mar 4, 2019

Here is what investors need to know about smart beta and factor strategies that combine the best aspects of active and passive investing.

(0:45) - What is Factor Investing and Smart Beta?

(3:00) - What Are The Main Factors Used In These Kind of ETFs?
(7:45) - Benefits and Risks With Factor Indexes
(11:60) - Are...