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ETF Spotlight

Jan 26, 2023

Crypto ETFs, 2022’s worst performers, are now top-performing funds year-to-date

(0:45) - Is The Cryptocurrency Winter Finally Over?
(5:30) - The Collapse of FTX: What Will Be The Long Term Damage?
(10:50) - Breaking Down The Bitcoin Mining Industry: How Much Profit Is There For The Taking?
(17:20) - Understanding...

Jan 20, 2023

We discuss best investment themes for the year

(1:00) - 2023 Outlook For The Stock Market: What Should Investors Expect?

(6:30) - Do Commodities Make Sense For Your Portfolio Right Now?

(12:45) - High Dividend ETFs For 2023: SPYD, SDY, DVY, COWZ

(19:25) - Should You Be Making Room In Your Portfolio For Fixed Income...

Jan 12, 2023

We discuss last year's biggest stories and what lies ahead

(1:00) - 2023 Outlook For ETF Asset Growth
(7:10) - The Rise Of Actively Managed ETFs
(11:00) - Will Investors Continue To Move Away From Mutual Funds?
(14:05) - What Should You Know About Fee Compression Trends?
(17:20) - What New ETFs Were The Favorites In...