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ETF Spotlight

Nov 20, 2023

Here is what investors need to know about the latest trends in the fund industry.

(1:00) - Taking A Legal Outlook For Mutual Funds and ETFs
(5:30) - Understanding Vanguard’s Patent: What Is The Benefit?
(9:15) - Will We See Other Providers Implementing Vanguards Structure Into ETFs?
(18:00) - Mutual Funds Converting...

Nov 6, 2023

We discuss how single stock ETFs should be used

(1:15) - Understanding How Single Stock ETFs Work: NVDL, FBL & TSLL
(10:00) - How Should Investors Use These Kind of Products In Their Portfolios?
(18:35) - GraniteShares Gold Trust: BAR
(22:25) - Breaking Down Bitcoin and Oil: Where Is The Price Heading In The Coming...