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ETF Spotlight

Jan 28, 2019

How should investors position their portfolio for 2019? Here are some

(1:00) - What Can Investors Expect In 2019?
(4:40) - What Sectors Will Out Perform This Year?
(7:10) - Overview Of FANG & Tech Stocks
(9:50) - Will The Healthcare and Finance Industry Continue Its Positive Performance?
(13:00) - Will The U.S...

Jan 21, 2019

These bond ETFs help investors manage interest rate risk and plan for future cash-flow needs.

(1:00) - What Should Investors Expect From Bonds In 2019?

(3:45) - What Is A Defined Maturity ETF?

(6:50) - How Could These Strategies Work For Investors?

(10:10) - Overview of Invesco’s Suite of Defined Maturity Bonds:

Jan 15, 2019

Video gaming and eSports industry is growing exponentially; here’s an ETF to profit from the trend.

(1:30) - What Was The Reason Behind Launching ESPO?

(3:20) - What Is Esports and How Big Is the Industry?

(6:00) - What Will Be Fueling The Esports Industry?

(10:25) - VanEck Vectors Video Gaming Esports ETF Overview:

Jan 8, 2019

The pet industry is growing at about twice the rate of GDP; here is how investors can benefit from this trend.

(1:15) - The Global Growth Trends In The Pet Industry

(7:50) - ProShares Pet Care ETF Overview: PAWZ

(10:45) - How Can These Strategies Benefit Your Portfolio?

(13:30) - Is The Pet Industry Recession Proof?

Jan 3, 2019

How do investors decide which types of investments should be put in tax-sheltered accounts?

(1:10) - What Investments Should Go In A Tax Sheltered Account?
(5:30) - Should You Be Trying To Time The Market?
(7:25) - Ultra Short Term ETFs and Cash Investment Trend
(9:40) - How Could An Economic Downturn Impact The...