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ETF Spotlight

Feb 23, 2023

Recent reports suggest inflation may remain elevated

(1:30) - Breaking Down The Current State of Inflation Right Now
(5:30) - What Is Best Way To Gauge Inflation?
(9:50) - Can Investors Still Expect A Soft Landing From The Fed?
11:30) - What Are The Risks of Investing Into TIPS?
(14:40) - Quadratic Intereste Rate...

Feb 9, 2023

AI stocks have skyrocketed amid the surge of attention around ChatGPT

(1:00) - What Is ChatGPT and Generative AI?
(5:10) - What Are The Possible Benefits This Technology Can Bring?
(10:40) - What Are The Limitations of Current AI?
(15:15) - Will AI Be The Most Disruptive Technology?
(19:35) - AI Wars: Which Tech Giant...

Feb 3, 2023

Can the best performing asset class of the past two years reward investors again?

(1:00) - What Should Investors Expect From Commodities In 2023?
(10:35) - Invesco Commodity ETF Suite: PDBC & DBC
(20:15) - Which Commodity Is Set To Perform The Best This Year?
(26:30) - Should You Be Investing In EV Vehicle...