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ETF Spotlight

Jul 26, 2018

Many high-flying stocks and ETFs will be impacted by the coming sector changes. Find out what it means for your portfolio.

(0:20) - Breaking Down The New Communication Services Sector

(2:45) - What Stocks Will Be Impacted and How?

(5:20) - Will The Communication Services Sector Provide Big Growth?

(8:00) - Communication...

Jul 20, 2018

These ETFs help investors build a well-diversified portfolio with “best in class” ESG leaders.

(1:30) - Can Investors Influence Companies To Be More Responsible?

(5:30) - The Evolution and Approach To ESG Investing 

(9:10) - Is ESG Investing Possible Without Sacrificing Returns?

(13:30) - Takeaways on Nushares...

Jul 9, 2018

QQQ is one of the top performing ETFs of the nine-year bull run and we discuss why it could continue its outperformance

(0:45) - Invesco Trust ETF QQQ: Company Selection and Weighting

(6:15) - What Kind Of Exposure Does QQQ Provide?

(11:20) - What Contributed To QQQ's past Outperformance?

(14:00) - How Will Slowed...