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ETF Spotlight

May 27, 2021

We discuss why lumber prices have soared and what lies ahead

(1:30) - Roller Coaster Ride For Lumber Prices: What Is Going On?
(7:40) - The Lumber Industry Ecosystem: Who is Involved?
(15:15) - Supply and Demand Breakdown: Do We Need More Lumber Mills?
(18:50) - How Can Investors Gain Exposure To Lumber?

May 20, 2021

Defined outcome ETFs limit losses but cap some of the gains

(1:30) - What Should Investors Think About The Recent Market Action?
(7:00) - What Is The Biggest Risk To The Stock Market Right Now?
(13:30) - What Is A Defined Income ETF?
(17:20) - Allianz’s Suite of Buffered Outcome ETFs
(27:10) - How Do These ETF’s Fit...

May 13, 2021

Should long-term investors buy the dip in tech stocks?

(1:00) - Big Tech Earnings Continue To Crush Estimates
(6:30) - Will Biden’s Tax Plans Impact Tech Stocks?
(11:50) - Stocks Investors Should Keep On Their Radar
(14:00) - Loup Frontier Tech ETF: LOUP

May 6, 2021

Shipping rates have been soaring over the past year

(1:00) - International Shipping Industry: The Importance Of The Suez Canal
(5:20) - Breaking Down The Block of the Suez Cancal
(10:10) - What Impact Did The Global Pandemic Have?
(15:30) - What Is The Outlook For The Shipping Industry?
(21:30) - The Breakwave Dry Bulk...