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ETF Spotlight

Jul 23, 2020

We discuss the top-performing leveraged ETFs and the new WFH ETF

(0:45) - What Should Investors Think Of The Stock Markets Current Performance?
(4:30) - Direxion Daily Dow Jones Internet Bull 3x & Daily CSI China Internet Index Bull 2X: WEBL & CWEB
(7:25) - How To Use Leverage And Inverse ETFs In Your Portfolio

Jul 16, 2020

Here is what you need to know about the new ETFs that capitalize on Covid-19 themes

(1:30) - ETFMG Treatments Testing and Advancements ETF: GERM

(5:15) - Why Is Testing In The U.S. Such A Big Problem?

(12:20) - What Are Major Companies Working On Right Now For Covid-19?

(16:30) - Expected Growth For The Vaccine Market:...

Jul 10, 2020

We discuss the hottest ETF stories and best performing areas of the first half

(1:15) - What ETF Areas Will See The Most Growth?
(8:00) - Are These ETF Closures A Good Thing For The Industry?
(11:30) - The Big Difference Between ETFs and ETNs
(14:50) - Nontransparent ETF Structure
(18:15) - ETFs To Keep On Your...

Jul 2, 2020

Cyberthreats have increased as more people work from home amid COVID-19 pandemic.

(1:15) - How Is The Pandemic Fueling The Cyber Security Industry?
(4:25) - What Are The Top 5 Threats?
(14:30) - How Can We Protect Ourselves From Cyber Threats?
(22:00) - What Companies Stand To Benefit From These Current Trends?