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ETF Spotlight

Aug 12, 2019

CNBC’s cannabis expert Tim Seymour explains why he launched his own Cannabis ETF.

 (0:50) - Why Should Investors Consider Investing In The Cannabis Industry?
(7:00) - Tim Seymour’s Background In The Cannabis Market
(14:15) - What Is The Growth Potential and What Will Drive It?
(20:45) - Medical vs Recreational: What Stands To Benefit The Most?
(27:50) - Can We Expect Federal Legal Changes Anytime Soon?
(33:05) - Amplify Seymour Cannabis ETF: CNBS
(44:40) - Breaking Down CNBS Top Holdings
(49:50) - Risks and Areas To Be Cautious Of Within The Cannabis Industry
(55:00) - How Can Investors Benefit From Thematic Investing?