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ETF Spotlight

Jul 29, 2022

These new ETFs can be used to make leveraged and inverse bets on popular stocks

(1:00) - What Was The Need For A Single-Stock Leveraged ETF?
(5:55) - How Can These ETFs Fit Into Your Portfolio?
(11:15) - What Is The Risk Associated With A Single-Stock Leveraged  ETF
(14:30) - Tuttle Capital Short Innovation ETF & AXS 2x...

Jul 21, 2022

We discuss the market outlook and investing strategies for the rest of 2022

(1:00) - Breaking Down The Recent Market Action: Have We Reached A Bottom?
(9:15) - Has Inflation Peaked: The Fed's Fight Against Recession
(13:50) - Portfolio Positioning: What Should Investors Expect From The 2nd Half of The Year?
(19:00) -...

Jul 7, 2022

We discuss two very interesting and unique ETFs that launched recently

(3:30) - ProShares Bitcoin Strategy & Short Bitcoin Strategy ETFs: BITO & BITI
(7:00) - What Is The Importance Being Using Bitcoin Futures?
(11:55) - How Can BITO or BITI Fit Into Your Portfolio Right Now?
(16:30) - Rising Inflation and Interest...