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ETF Spotlight

Mar 16, 2023

GICS changes are set to impact many popular ETFs

(0:45) - Understanding The Changes To The Global Industry Classification Standard
(7:00) - How Will The Incoming Changes Impact The Sector Valuations?
(12:30) - What Kind Of Fundamental Changes To Industries Can Investors Expect?
(17:10) - Breaking Down The ETF Fund Flow...

Mar 9, 2023

These new ETFs allow investors to bet on or against Jim Cramer

(0:30) - Have You Ever Wanted To Invest Around Jim Cramer?
(3:30) - AXS Short Innovation Daily and AXS 2x Innovation ETF: SARK & TARK
(6:45) -  Tuttle Inverse Cramer Tracker and Long Cramer Tracker ETF: SJIM & LJIM
(11:50) - How Long Has Tuttle Capital...

Mar 3, 2023

We discuss the market outlook and some hot thematic ETFs

(1:00) - Breaking Down The Market Performance: Can The Fed Still Manage A Soft Landing?
(4:20) - Where Are The Opportunities For Good Long Term Growth?
(8:30) - Investing Into Quantum Computing: Defiance Quantum ETF (QTUM)
(12:00) -  Breaking Down The Surge In...

Feb 23, 2023

Recent reports suggest inflation may remain elevated

(1:30) - Breaking Down The Current State of Inflation Right Now
(5:30) - What Is Best Way To Gauge Inflation?
(9:50) - Can Investors Still Expect A Soft Landing From The Fed?
11:30) - What Are The Risks of Investing Into TIPS?
(14:40) - Quadratic Intereste Rate...

Feb 9, 2023

AI stocks have skyrocketed amid the surge of attention around ChatGPT

(1:00) - What Is ChatGPT and Generative AI?
(5:10) - What Are The Possible Benefits This Technology Can Bring?
(10:40) - What Are The Limitations of Current AI?
(15:15) - Will AI Be The Most Disruptive Technology?
(19:35) - AI Wars: Which Tech Giant...