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ETF Spotlight

Aug 21, 2023

Can mega cap stocks continue to surge or should investors bet on the rest of the market now?

(1:30) - What Is Driving QQQ's Outperformance?
(8:30) - What Could Help Drive Positive Performance For The Rest of The Year?
(13:20) - Has QQQ Become Too Expensive Right Now or Is It Reasonably Priced?
(16:15) - The Innovation Suite: What Kind of R&D Spending Is Happening Right Now Within The QQQ?
(18:05) - The QQQ Rebalancing: Everything Investors Should Know
(26:00) - How Should Investors Be Using These Investment Products?
(29:15) - Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight ETF: RSP
(33:45) - How Concentrated Is The S&P 500 Right Now?
(37:35) - Why Should Investors Consider Adding RSP To Their Portfolios?
(43:20) Breaking Down Invesco’s Suite of Equal Weight ETFs
(51:15) - Episode Roundup: QQQ, QQQM, RSP, RSPT, RSPC