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ETF Spotlight

Jan 14, 2022

We discuss the market outlook and investing ideas for 2022

(1:00) - 2022 Market Outlook: How Should Investors Position Their Portfolios?
(10:45) - Will We Get To See A Spot Bitcoin ETF This Year?
(15:00) - Top ETF Picks For 2022: Where Should Investors Be Looking
(22:30) - Will The Bull Market Stay Alive?
(25:10) - How Does Astoria Structure The Top Ten ETF Report?
(30:45) - AXS Astoria Inflation Sensitive ETF: PPI
(36:40) - Will Oil Continue To Go Up In Price: MLP vs Oil ETFs
(42:00) - Which Sectors Will Perform The Best In 2022?
(47:15) - BLOK, Fixed Income and International ETFs: Understanding How They Could Fit Into Your Portfolio
(54:30) - Breaking Down 2021’s Top Ten Picks