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ETF Spotlight

Dec 15, 2023

We discuss the market outlook and best ETF ideas for 2024

(1:00) - Why Did Stocks Surprise To The Upside In 2023?
(4:30) - Will The Federal Reserve Pull Off A Soft Landing In 2024?
(8:20) - Can The Stock Market Rally Continue Into The New Year?
(12:00) - What Are The Major Themes Investors Should Use To Position Their Portfolios?
(17:00) - Is Now A Good Time To Increase Your Exposure To Dividend Stocks?
(20:45) - Creating Strong Fixed Income For Your 2024 Portfolio
(25:40) - Finding Industries Poised To Grow From Macro Economic Trends
(30:30) - Episode Roundup: QUS, SDY, VIG, XNTK, XHB, ITB, XAR, ITA