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ETF Spotlight

Dec 19, 2018

Dividend growth ETFs invest in companies with solid balance sheets and strong cash flows.

(1:15) - Current Market Outlook: Should You Be Investing In Dividend Stocks?

(4:10) - Reality Shares DIVCON System: How Does It Work?

(6:25) - DIVCON Leaders Dividend ETF Overview: LEAD

(11:40) - Reality Shares DIVS ETF:

Dec 12, 2018

Here is what investors need to know about the market’s fear gauge or the VIX and ETFs that benefit from volatility.

(1:30) - What Is The ViX Index and Implied Volatility?

(3:20) - What Are The VIX Future Contracts?

(5:30) - The Impact of Contango On The VIX

(7:00) - Pro Shares VIX ETFs: SVXY, UVXY, VIXY, VIXM

(9:15) -...

Dec 7, 2018

Market volatility is back. Here is what investors need to know about using inverse & leveraged ETFs to make money from wild swings.

(1:00) - Inverse and Leveraged ETFs: How To Handle Market Volatility

(3:30) - How Long Can You Hold A Inverse Bear ETF?

(6:40) - How Do Leveraged an d Inverse ETF Work?

(10:00) - Should...

Dec 3, 2018

SPDR Kensho ETFs provide exposure to companies in cutting edge industries that are driving the new economy.

(1:00) - The Fourth Industrial Revolution and The New Economy  

(3:40) - Company Selection and Weighting Strategy 

(6:50) - SPDR Kensho Final Frontiers ETF: XKFF

(9:30) - Kensho Intelligent Structures ETF:

Nov 19, 2018

Here is what investors need to know before investing in funds.

(1:10) - What Factors Are Important When Picking An ETF or Mutual Fund?
(6:45) - How To Choose Between An ETF and Mutual Fund?
(11:10) - Do Actively Managed ETFs or Mutual Funds Perform More Consistently?
(14:30) - How Can Smart Beta ETFs Benefit Your...