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ETF Spotlight

Jun 11, 2024

We discuss the market outlook and investing strategies for 2H 2024

(1:30) - Did Investors Miss The Fed's Soft Landing?
(6:00) - What Should We Expect From Interest Rates The Remaining of The Year?
(9:20) - Will The Stock Market Rally Continue?
(14:55) - Could We See Small Cap Stocks Outperform Later In The Year?

Jun 3, 2024

These ETFs offer exposure to stock markets while providing protection against losses.

(1:30) - What Was The Reason Behind The Launch of The Structured Protection ETFs?
(7:20) - Calamos S&P 500 Structured Alt Protection ETF: CPSM
(13:45) - What Are The Advantages Investing In The ETF Wrapper?
(24:15) - Do These...